Payment and Refunds

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(Note: All Prepaid Orders, including Cashier's Checks, take longer to process because they must first be cleared with the bank)

Mailing and Shipping Address

all payment and shipments by mail must be sent to old black magic spells 2121 saint Joseph avenue, saint Joseph Missouri, 64505, USA, via insured mail, or other shipper, old black magic spells will not be held accountable, for lost, uninsured, or misdirected mail.


There will be absolutely no refunds, or any return on any custom spells, all sales are final. that is because of several reason's, the herb's, ingredients and other items that i use in casting the spells are expensive for me to purchase and take time to prepare properly, and they can not be used for another client, after they have been prepared for a customized spell for you and some items may be destroyed during a specific ritual, or spell that you purchased, but if you are ever not satisfied with any spell from old black magic spells, you will receive another spell fully cast free of charge.

Lifetime Guarantee

old black magic spells is the one of two authentic spell casting services online that gives you a lifetime guarantee on all spell work. while i cannot guarantee any specific exact results from any spells cast for you, nor can i guarantee that you will have results in a specified time frame, the occult has no time frame, and any site claiming to give you results in 24 hours, or less, seven day's, or 30 day's is out to scam you out of you money pure and simple. i can make no miracles happen, i am not god, or the devil, nor am i a miracle worker, but i can absolutely guarantee you that you will receive, the best spell casting service on the internet, or anywhere in the world for that matter, it's why you get a lifetime guarantee on all spell work from old black magic spells, along with the guarantee, you get the best high end effective spell casting that money can buy. there's also another reason that old bkack magic spells is the only place other than ancient magic spells that offers a lifetime guarantee on any and all spell work, it's because old black magic spells is legitimate and not looking to make a fast buck and rip you off.

If you have any doubt's about the service here at old black magic spells, or the quality of the work that i do, or can't take the time to be patient and understand that some spell work may take up to 6 months, or longer, to take effect and let thing's take the course they naturally take and that there are no guarantees in the occult. i do not want your business, move on to other such sites that charge for a spell that promises results in 24 hours or less.

Order Cancellations

There is a 50% restocking fee for my time and for The supplies used for any orders that are cancelled.

Biological Samples

Any biological samples sent are not returned, in case of an order that is cancelled, if you want the samples back there will be a $25.00 shipping and handling fee.

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