Frequently Asked Questions

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Time Frame and results

as a general rule results can be seen anytime after the spellwork is cast to several months time, with three to six months for results being normal, but there are no guarantees that you will get results in that time frame, results happen when they happen in the occult. any place stating that you can get results guaranteed in 30, 60, or 90 days is just after your money.

I had other spells cast by other casters and none worked?

you can't have spells cast by one caster then another for the same thing, the spells will conflict and cancel each other out and none will work. the old spells must be removed prior to any new spells being cast the fee for that is included with any spell from old black magic spells.

Why haven't any of my spells ever worked from anyplace that i had them cast?

it could be several thing's ineffective casters. scammers, or you could be immune to magic about 8% of the population is totally immune to any effects, or any spells cast for, or against them.

If i am immune to any magic can you fix it?

No it can't be fixed.

What makes ancient magic spells different from other spell casters?

A. old black magic spells gives you a 100% lifetime guarantee on all spellwork, not 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, or a year.

B. All spell work comes with cleansing and protection spells cast before and after the main spell is cast.

C. Old magic spells will not tell you that at any given time that I will need more money to cast the spell for you or for any bogus travel arrangements, or any other expenses. The quoted price listed online, or via the initial e-mail is all you pay period. If by some chance that more work is needed to complete your spell casting it is provided to you absolutely free of charge.

F. All spellwork and any inquiries made about any spellwork from old black magic spells are confidential.

Do you give refunds?

There will be absolutely no refunds, or any return on any custom spells, all sales are final on any and all spellwork from old black magic spells. that is because of several reason's, the herb's, ingredients and other items that i use in casting the spells are expensive for me to purchase and take time to prepare properly, and they can not be used for another client, after they have been prepared for a customized spell for you and some items may be destroyed during a specific ritual or spell that you purchased.

When will I see results from my spell?

Spells are performed as soon as payment is received. Some people see results almost minutes after they order their spells. There is no set time frame in the occult nor is there any way at all to tell when you will see any results for any spells cast. Some spells may take up to 3 months to work, or even 6 months Generally spells take effect very quickly sometimes within hours or a few days some people may experience set backs or do something to cause the spells to slow down like rushing or pushing things to see faster results. The spells will work, and you should allow them to work once they are in motion. It is not wise to stop a spell before they work, If you feel you cannot give the spells the necessary time to work efficiently then do not purchase any spells from us.

Do you suffer from problems such as having bad luck in your life where nothing seems to go right?

You may be suffering from a curse such as the evil eye.

Do you have problems that seem to have no know source or solution?

You may be under the effects of black magic, such as a curse, hex, illness demon or other such manifestations.

Do you have obstacles in your life you need help getting past?

If there's anything you'd like to change in your life such as more money, a better job, a true love check out our spells for them we can help you achieve what you want in life and change your life for the better.

Do you have an illness, or sickness that has no diagnosis?

You may be under the effects of black magic, such as demons, see the exorcisms page, for specific symptoms, and the healing spells, for cures.

What is your success rate on spells?

Here at old magic spells, the success rate is very high about 95%, please feel free to see actual testimonials that you will find throughout our web site. Each testimonial is real and is used only with our clients permission.

Can spells be cast long distance?

Yes here at old black magic spells. spells are cast all over the world, no matter where you are located.

Will i be told when my spell is cast?

Here at old black magic spells, any spells are cast as ordered by the client as soon as payment is received and an e-mail is sent, with information about your spell\spells, along with detailed instruction's and any other instructions that are necessary.

Can i change a spell after i have ordered it?

Only if the spell has not been cast yet, if a spell has started being cast, you can not change it.

Is my order shipped in plain packaging/envelope?

old black magic spells ships all orders out in a plain unmarked package.

Can i order if i am under 18 years of age?

No you can't, you must have an adult, or legal guardian do it for you.

Is my order confidential?

Yes, it is extremely confidential, it comes with any work done from old black magic spells and all information is kept between myself and the client only.

Why don't you offer results in 24, or 72 hours like other sites?

Because old black magic spells is not out to rip you off, ancient magic spells is here to give you the best possible value for your money, and it takes time, to give you proper effective results, there is no time frame in the occult for magic, and anyone claiming, or stating so is nothing, but a fraud out for your money.

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